AAET Partners with ABRET

AAET Partners with ABRET

We are pleased to announce our partership with ABRET!  After many months of discussion and working with a lawyer to make sure that we maintain control of AAET, we determined that this partership would be best for the society.  This partership will help us in at least three domains:

  1. Credential verification.  While you are still able to verify your credentials on the AAET site, the ability to verify credentials on the ABRET site will be beneficial to techs and employers.
  2. Creation of a virtual badge. This will allow our credential to fall in line with other Neurodiagnostic credentials.
  3. Increase in marketing visibility.  AAET is a small society.  Any profit that we make goes directly back into the education of technologists.  Having more visibility will allow for more traffic on our site which will increase profit to allow for more educational initiatives.
This partnership will NOT strip grandfathered credentials from technologists, although we always encourage education and re-education.  AAET has always charged fees for CE’s and recertification.  This will not change.  We do not charge fees for uploading CE’s to our member portal.
Our mission and focus is to make sure technologists have acces to information and have the tools they need to get the information they are seeking.  Please feel free to reach out to the Board of Directors of AAET with any questions.

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