Recertification Instructions

You can recertify in two ways. By earning 30 CEs in a 5 year period or retaking the exam.

If you opt to retake the exam click here to be directed to the PTC website to complete the exam application process. NOTE- Recertification application and $75 fee still apply.

Applying for recertification can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Upload proper documentation with proof of attendance of 30 CEs OR passing PTC Scorecard. (See AAET Rules for Acquiring AAET-CE's)
    Click here for the AAET Educational Activity Log- to be submitted as proof of attendance. Supervisor initials denote confirmation of attendance at events listed.
    Please note- AAET reserves the right to request additional proof of attendance, including, but not limited to Event attendance log, certificates of attendance or other official proof of attendance forms.
  3. Submit payment.

Each completed documentation form must provide a proof of passing PTC scorecard OR total 30 CE credits. All 30 credits (5 being from AAET) must have been achieved within the 5 year period of being registered or previous recertification to meet the requirements of recertification. PTC documentation showing passing score or 30 CE's can be submitted for recertification up to 1 year prior to expiration date.

Recertification fee: $75

If you have question regarding the recertification process please contact us at

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