Examination Committee

Examination Committee

  • Chairperson: Ana Maria Raicu, R.NCS.T.
  • Tammy Hether
  • Jodi Peterson
  • Mary Miller
  • Brian Garrison, R.NCS.T.

Education Committee

  • Chairperson: Amanda Crews, R.NCS.T.
  • Teri Woodbury, R.NCS.T.
  • Randy Gulbrandson, R.NCS.T.
  • Ana Maria Raicu, R.NCS. T.

Recertification Committee

  • Chairperson: Ana Maria Raicu, R.NCS.T.
  • Jan Buss, R.NCS.T.
  • James Lewis, R.NCS.T.
  • Vladimir Santana, R.NCS.T.
  • Daniel Moya, R.NCS.T.

AAET is always looking for reliable members to volunteer as committee members. If you are interested, please contact us for more information!

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