Frequently Asked Questions

All Registered Nerve Conduction Study Technologists ( R.NCS.T.) certified after January 1, 2009 must recertify every 5 years to maintain their credential. Recertification must be earned either by participating in 30 hours of AAET approved continuing education or by retaking and passing the R.NCS.T. written examination every 5 years. All technologists requiring recertification must complete the online application and submit the application fee with proof of passing examination scorecard or 30 CEs documentation online.

Even though continuing education is recommended, all R.NCS.T.'s certified prior to January 1, 2009 do not need to fulfill the recertification requirements at the present time.

Why is recertification necessary for an R.NCS.T.?

The registered nerve conduction study technologist has a responsibility to continue their education and uphold their skill level to effectively serve the neuromuscular medical community in the performance of nerve conduction studies. AAET is standardizing continuing education practices to ensure that the AAET certification continues to be recognized as the leading credential in the field of nerve conduction studies. It is important for R.NCS.T. to maintain their high skill level to better serve patients and meet physician, employer and legislative regulatory requirements.

What happens if I do not recertify?

If you do not recertify by the expiration date listed on your registry certificate, you will no longer be permitted to use the R.NCS.T. credential.

When does my 5-year recertification period begin?

The 5-year recertification period begins on the date you passed the Registered Nerve Conduction Study Technologists registry. Effective, January 2009 all registry certificates contain the date of your initial certification as well as the date of the expiration of the certification.

Do I have a choice of using continuing education or retaking the exam to maintain my credentials?

The R.NCS.T. has a choice of either using continuing education or retaking the written examination to maintain their registry.

If I opt to take the written examination, when should I take it?

The R.NCS.T. should establish a timeframe in taking the written examination so the results are available by the registry expiration date. The technologist should also build in additional time in the event retesting is necessary for recertification. The written examination must be passed within one year prior to the certification expiration date. The written examination will have an examination fee. Once the written examination score has been received, the candidate must submit the recertification application, passing PTC scorecard, and appropriate fee online.

What education offerings are acceptable as AAET continuous education credits (AAET-CE credits)?

Any educational offering that has been designated with AAET-CE credit hours can be used towards recertification.

Who will track my continuing education credits?

Every R.NCS.T. will be responsible for tracking their own continuing education credits during the five year period. The technologist should maintain a log of appropriate documentation which should include dates, name of the educational offerings, number of AAET-CE credits and certificates of attendance.

Where can I find out about AAET-CE credit educational offerings?

Information regarding available AAET-CE credit educational offerings will be available on the AAET website. Educational offerings may include meetings, workshops, and webinars.

How many mandatory AAET CE hours are required?

5 CEs are mandatory AAET course hours, per 5 year recertification period. These can be any for of AAET courses, including annual meeting lecures, workshops, webinars, or CE papers.

How many CEs can come from my place of employment?

Only 10 CEs of the total 30 CEs can come from home institutions, per 5 year recertification period.

How many continued education credits are given in the educational offerings?

The AAET-CE credit is based on this formula: one AAET-CE credit will be awarded for one hour of continuous education attended. Any continuous education offering that is less than one hour will be rounded off to the nearest quarter hour segment.

What steps should I take when my registry is about to expire and I need to recertify?

The R.NCS.T. should print off the AAET Continuing Education Credits (AAET-CE) credit Documentation Form from the AAET website. The technologist should complete the form as appropriate, attach the required documentation, pay the recertification fee to AAET and send the documentation to the AAET-CERC (AAET Continuing Education and Recertification Committee). Recertification documents and fees must be submitted before expiration date. We will accept documentation for recertification up to 1 year prior to expiration date.

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