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What is a Nerve Conduction Study Technologist and What Do We Do?

    • AAET is an organization for Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) Technologists. We are technologist helping technologists. We support the education of all NCS Tech’s new and old. We offer a high-level nerve conduction study registry exam. Upon successful competition of the exam the identification R.NCS.T., is displayed with your name.

    • NCS technologists are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner. The technologist will act in a manner so as to merit the respect of the public, those providing medical care to the public, and fellow AAET Members.

    • NCS technologists perform Nerve Conduction Studies independently, under the direction of a supervising physician. Technologist may assist the physician while performing the electromyography (EMG). At no time is it acceptable for the technologist to perform invasive needle EMG studies or interpret the results of the NCS or EMG.

    • A nerve conduction study is a test that determines the continuity of nerve function. It is performed by placing electrodes in anatomically correct positions on the skin then delivering an electrical signal to the correct nerve to produce a clinically relevant response. The study determines how fast the signal is being transmitted and how much of the nerve fiber is being stimulated.

    • Nerve conduction studies can determine what part of the nerve is damaged and how severe the damage is. NCS are used to diagnose many common syndromes, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and less common diagnoses such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).