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Nerve Conduction Study Technologist

• Adheres to training regarding ethical responsibilities, confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance. • Conforms to all OSHA and JCAHO laboratory policies and procedures (including guidelines for universal precautions) as well as hospital & clinic regulations. Knows relevant CDC guidelines. • Maintains appropriate interpersonal skills with patients, laboratory allied health staff, physician staff, and other hospital/clinic staff. • Explains the NCS test procedure to the patient to obtain the patient’s cooperation necessary for a complete examination. Checks the patient’s electronic medical record for orders and special needs, with particular attention to patients with pacemakers, defibrillators, and neurotransmitters. • Assists the EDX physician with the EDX studies as needed by preparing or manipulating the instrument and applying surface recording electrodes. • Performs common and uncommon NCSs in a highly skilled, patient-appropriate manner. Recognizes normal and abnormal results and recognizes and takes reasonable steps to eliminate physiological and non-physiological artifact. • Has basic knowledge of normal nerve and muscle anatomy and function, disease processes, pathology, NCS responses in normal and abnormal circumstances, other diagnostic aids, and the operating principles of pertinent electronic instrumentation. • Assures maintenance and working order of equipment, including but not limited to: checking calibrations and making minor maintenance adjustments and repairs deemed by the instrument manufacturer as appropriate and safe. Ensures that electric current leakage issues are resolved. • Files print or electronic medical records according to laboratory policies and procedures. • Performs other related duties as required. • Participates in continuing education through seminars, conferences, formal reading assignments designated by EDX physician • CEU requirements: A technologist will complete CEUs required to maintain R.NCS.T or CNCT certification.

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