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NCS/EEG Technician


  • Ensure that assigned patients are prepared for electromyographic tests and that appropriate results are obtained and documented. Look through patients’ files to determine requirements for EMG testing and confer with attending doctors to obtain further information.
  • Prepare patients by providing them with information on what to expect during EMG test procedures and to put their fears to rest.
  • Calibrate and adjust EMG equipment and machines at the beginning of each shift, to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Apply gels on patients’ skins and ensure that suitable electrodes are placed on predetermined measured positions.
  • Measure electrical activity in peripheral nerves in a bid to diagnose neuromuscular disorders.
  • Attach electrodes to electrode cables and connect them to EMG instruments, along with selecting nerve conduction modes.
  • Monitor responses on oscilloscopes and press buttons to record nerve conduction velocities.
  • Measure and record time and distance between stimulation and response and calculate the electrical impulses present in peripheral nerves.
  • Write, document and submit reports on each patients’ response to EMG procedures and tests and ensure that all files and outcomes are confidentially stored.
  • Maintain confidentiality, and protect patient data and test outcomes, according to the policies.
Programs (Cadwell and eClinicalWorks)
•Full Time, Day Shift, Monday-Friday 
•Health/Dental Insurance 
•401k Matching 
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