The registered nerve conduction study technologist has a responsibility to continue their education and uphold their skill level to effectively serve the neuromuscular medical community in the performance of nerve conduction studies. AAET is standardizing continuing education practices to ensure that the AAET certification continues to be recognized as the leading credential in the field of nerve conduction studies. It is important for R.NCS.T. to maintain their high skill level to better serve patients and meet physician, employer and legislative regulatory requirements.

Our recertification expectations require every registered technologist (excluding non-expiring technologists) to complete a total of 30 AAET-CE's over the course of the 5 year recertification period. The 30 AAET-CE's can be acquired via the following rules: 

  • All CE's must pertain directly to nerve conduction studies or neuromuscular diseases
  • 5 CEs must be from AAET
  • A maximum of 5 CEs can be submitted for presenting webinars and lectures for AAET related events.
  • Approved non-AAET instructor led events with documentation of event content, date, presenter and total credit hours are allowed. Non-AAET electronic or printed papers with or without quizzes are not accepted.
  • A maximum of 10 CEs can be submitted from your place employment, ie. Neuromuscular and/or NCS/EMG related lectures with proper documentation of attendance.  

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