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AAET EXAM UPDATE: No More Practical Exam

10/18/2015 12:00pm


We are currently in the process of restructuring our examination process. The goal of this restructuring is to consolidate the written exam and practical exam in to one written exam, which will allow the candidate to examine locally at a testing center near their home town (call PTC to confirm testing locations --  Phone: 212-356-0660, Fax: 212-356-0678).

The new exam is set to launch in April 2016.

AAET will continue to be the leader in providing the highest quality exam in NCS. If you have previously taken our exams, your credential will continue to hold the same value as a premier technologist. If you are currently preparing to take our exam, do not worry, the fundamentals of your studies and our new exam are the same.

Specific details regarding the R.NCS.T. examination will be frequently updated or you may contact us at