Practical Examinations

***Effective 1/2016*** All exams taken after 8/2015 will only be in written exam format.  There will no longer be a practical examination after 8/2015. For candidates that examined in 2015 or years prior to 2015, we will still offer the practical exam, to be taken within a 3 year window of the succssful passing of the written exam. However we will only offer the practical exam 1 time per year, until 12/2018. You may elect to take the practical exam within this 3 year window or you may elect to take the new written exam. Please contact the for further details and examination information or dates.

The practical examination is designed to specifically test the candidate's technical skills in the field of nerve conduction studies.

The current practical exam fee is $325.00, all other travel expenses incurred are the responsibility of the candidate.

The exam candidate will be allowed one hour to narrate and perform a unilateral study, using a "no equipment" protocol. However the candidate will be required to bring all testing supplies, including stimulator, gel, electrodes, tape measure, pen/marker, calculator, skin prep, temperature gauge, etc. A more descriptive letter of How to Prepare will be sent to the candidate prior to the examination date.

The following nerves are required for the practical examination:

Motor Nerves:

  • Median - APB (wrist and elbow stimulation)

  • Ulnar - ADM (wrist, below and above the elbow stimulation)

  • Peroneal - EDB (ankle, distal to fibular head and knee stimulation)

  • Peroneal - TA (distal to fibular head and knee stimulation)

  • Tibial - AH (ankle and knee stimulation)

  • F- Wave (any nerve)

  • H-Reflex - Soleus

Sensory Nerves:

  • Median - 2nd digit - Antidromic

  • Ulnar - 5th digit - Antidromic

  • Radial - Anatomical Snuffbox - Antidromic

  • Median Palmar- Orthodromic

  • Ulnar Palmar- Orthodromic

  • Sural - Antidromic

  • Superficial Peroneal - Antidromic

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