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Our mentor's are registered technologists who have dedicated their time to helping you become the best technologist you can be!

Jim Lewis, R.NCS.T.


Mentor remarks: Being a mentor means one person helping another person to do a job more effectively and/or to progress in their career. The mentor is not necessarily smarter than others, but the mentor has vast experience (someone who had "been there and done that").The appreciation and love of nerve conduction studies and the peripheral nervous system is our greatest asset; it is what makes us a mentor. Sharing that passion is quite literally what gets us up in the morning. We no longer go to our job or even our career, but we participate, every day, in the very essence of who we are.

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Jan Buss, R.NCS.T.

Rochester, Minnesota

Experience: Jan has been in the field for years and is the Clinical Neurophysiology Program Director for the Mayo Clinic.

Mentor remarks: The Mentoring program will be good...I probably get several phone calls each year from people who are studying to take the NCS boards and just want someone to talk to...

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