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  • 05/27/2015 12:00pm

    This service is available for purchase by facilities who wish to provide personnel with individualized training sessions. We will provide a qualified educator to instruct personnel on the application and performance of basic nerve conduction studies. No electromyography training will be provided. Services provided will strictly adhere to performance of nerve conduction studies. All educators will be approved and registered through the AAET.

    The educator will go onsite to the requestor’s location. Location must have the equipment necessary for educating the personnel. The educator will not provide any equipment necessary for training.

    Base 3 day consultation will provide the personnel with the basic knowledge and ability to hook-up and perform the studies listed below.

    Upper Extremity                                

    Median Motor (APB) and Sensory                 

    Ulnar Motor (ADM) and Sensory                 

    Radial Sensory                                        

    Sensory Comparison Study (Labs Choice)         

    Lower Extremity

    Peroneal Motor (EDB and TA)

    Superficial Peroneal Sensory

    Tibial Motor (AH)

    Sural Sensory


    **Fees may apply for groups greater than 5**

    For inquiries on consultation and training fees, please contact us at aaet@aaet.info

  • 07/01/2017 12:00am

    This is a part-time position working Tuesday, Thursday & Friday A.M. and the 1st Saturday of each month) Responsible for preparing patients for electromyographic tests which measure muscle response and nerve conduction; collect information pertinent to the interpretation of the test; and to assist in the maintenance of equipment. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Explains the nerve conduction study to the patient prior to the exam. Reviews the patient’s medical records to confirm clearance for the procedure. Performs nerve conduction study recognizing normal and abnormal results. Takes steps to eliminate physiological and non-physiological artifact. Assists Physician with EMG exam. Consults with the Physician on the study results. Assures maintenance and working order of equipment including but not limited to checking calibrations Conforms to HIPAA and OSHA standards. Assure compliance with all company plans, policies and procedures set forth by the Florida Orthopaedic Institute All other duties as assigned QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma required Must be CNCT or RNCST certified and have completed a CAAHEP accredited neuro-diagnostic program. Must have minimum of 3 years of experience in the field. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office and software relating to EDX equipment. Must be CPR Certified.


  • 07/01/2017 12:00am

    Growing Neurology Program looking for an entrepreneurial Electroneurodiagnostic Laboratory Technician/ Manager St Croix Regional Medical Center, a rapidly growing medical group in Western Wisconsin is looking for a trained Electroneurodiagnostic Lab Technician/ Manager to help support its growing neurology department in a new Musculoskeletal Institute. ● Need for a Electroneurodiagnostic Lab Technician to help re-envision a comprehensive Electroneurodiagnostic program. ● The day to day responsibilities would include common outpatient END testing (EMGs and EEGs) with possible growth in other domains of END testing based on team interest. ● The organizational culture offers autonomy to shape the END lab to what you are looking for in an ideal opportunity. ● Opportunity to work with a well established Neurology team with One neurologist, advanced practice provider and dedicated nursing and scheduling support in a brand new musculoskeletal center. ● Higher than market starting salary plus possible growth linked productivity bonus and quality incentives in the future. ● Unmatched benefits package- 4 weeks of paid vacation, 1 week of paid CME. ● Ideally located in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley with a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities. Within an hour of the Twin cities (Minneapolis - St Paul) allowing easy access to all the benefits of the metro. ● Full-time position (5 days / week). No Emergency call, no week-ends, strictly day clinic work focused on all of the aspects of pain medical management.

    ● Visit www.scrmc.org and www.kinisiinstitute.org for more information.

    ● Interested applicants with questions are encouraged to contact directly to: ○ Dr. Gurdesh Bedi (gurdesh.bedi@scrmc.org) ○ Frank Johnson, program director (franklin.johnson@scrmc.org)